Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh, the places you'll go!

A few snapshots from our wonderful time in Tyrol.

(In this picture you can see how short Trev's hair is now. I gave it a good cutting after the defense, but we got talking and I went a bit shorter than he requested oO. I like it, though ^^)

Sadly it was over way too fast! But we're already preparing for the next adventure: We're going to Paris tomorrow to visit Trev's best friend.
My new camera arrived this morning, just in time for the trip and I'll take tons of pictures. I also got a good scolding for losing my last one before Trev handed me the package and I promised to take better care of it this time. I'm really feeling bad about being so forgetful, so I'll keep this one strapped to my hand at all times.

See you on Monday! ;o)



Lisa said...

awesome.. have a lovley time!

Terrie said...

Have a great time in Paris and share us your fun with the new camera.

Leovi said...

What beautiful pictures, I love.

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