Friday, October 7, 2011

Genetic engineering and creativity

Sometimes when we're silly, we like to make up cute or useful pets that Trev will engineer when he's a big mad scientist. I bet people would stand in line for pigmae-mammoths! Or how about tiny little cows to eat all the weed and fertilize your potplants?
But the one we thought of last week when wasps kept harassing us is the best so far. Imagine you're sitting down with a plate of lettuce and suddenly you're surrounded by tiny furry creatures, flapping their little butterfly wings. I'm sure you'd share a bite with the schmetterschweinchen ^^

(Schmetterling=butterfly  Meerschweinchen=guinea pig)
Eat your greens! ;o)


Cindy said...

Ahh this is great, Yaga! :D So cute. :)

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