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Creating Success around the World - Blog Hop

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creating success around the world

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Australasia - Jill @ Creating my way to Success
Europe - Yaga @ The Shiny Bubble
The Americas - Suzy @ Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom
Asia - Janelle @ Of Pinks and Fairytales
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Elpida is the owner of the etsy-shop Magic Castle. She sells beautifully adorned FlipFlops, Sandals and Ballet flats.

Tell us a bit about your trade: What do you create, how and where do you sell your things,
how long have you been doing this?

I have been involved with crafts of one kind or another since I was 12 , when my mother first taught me to knit.
Some years ago, being fascinated by the  magic world of beads, I started creating my own jewelry and pieces for my family and friends.
Being a teacher myself, this hobby slowly became a part- time job. I've been selling my designs for 5 years now in local galleries and Art and Craft Fairs. I've recently opened my ETSY shop and I feel so thrilled! I love creating jewelry and accessories, knitting, scrapbooking. My last obsession is decorating leather sandals and ballet flats.

Please, tell us a little bit about the place and the country that you live in.

I live in Athens, Greece. It's a beautiful country in the Mediterranean Sea, full of light and colors.
I love its blue and clear seas, the lush vegetation, the picturesque villages and islands and the people who live there, being simple, friendly and hospitable.

Do you think that your surroundings influence your creativity? How? 
I feel lucky enough to spend six months a year in Corfu, an amazing island in the Ionian Sea.
I mostly draw my inspiration from there. Its light, the color of the sea, the sky, the wonderful sunsets
and nature keep me inspired all the time.

How and why did you 'pick' your creative outlet of choice?

Well, it was my daughter who encouraged me to get some of my creations online and open my ETSY shop.

I've been wandering through ETSY for many years and I was amazed to know so many talented artists

across the world and visit their shops. I love the way ETSY brings people together.

 Why did you decide to sell what you are creating?

I thought it would be a good idea to share my love for creating with other people and contribute to the
family finances at the same time. Besides, the idea of people choosing, wearing or using my creations
gets me really excited.

What, in your opinion is your biggest strength in your creative life and how does it
influence your work?

I believe it's the fact that I love experimenting on new projects and techniques as well as new materials.
This is the most excited part of creating, which helps me to come up with new ideas and create one of a kind
What's more, I feel I put a lot of love and care on everything I do and enjoy every minute of it.

What would you regard as your greatest weakness in terms of your creativity and how do
you deal with it?

There must be a lot, as I am self- taught myself.
Wandering through my new "treasures"- beads, findings, ribbons and laces- often makes me feel lost and indecisive .
Another weak point I could think of, at the moment, is shopping unique, high quality beads and materials which cost me a lot.
I don't think I will ever deal with it. I simply can't help it. I often say to myself: "At least, you get the pleasure of it." 

How do you stay motivated and inspired?

I am always on the lookout for new techniques and materials to use in my designs. 
Living close to nature keeps me always inspired, too.
Other people's art, as well, helps me broaden my horizon and see things in another perspective.
I feel my pieces owe a lot to them.

Where do you see yourself and your creative life in two years? Do you have any plans?

I hope to be able to continue doing it forever. Creating is therapeutic for me. It helps me be sane.
I think it's the best way to express my thoughts, my feelings and imagination.
I am dreaming of having my own little shop somewhere on a Greek island, far from the madness of the city,
where I could sell my crafts and contact people from all over the world. Getting to know new cultures fascinates me!
I would really be happy, if I could ever combine both of them.

What are your 5 hottest tips for people who want to be more successful with

In fact, I don't feel I could give tips because creating expresses your inner self and only that.
However, love and care on what you do, being open to new ideas, stretching your skills and creativity in new directions,
putting your heart into your creations and respecting other people's work, are very important to me.

Thank you for your kind effort, Elpida!  

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