Monday, August 29, 2011

It's the days when your body and mind seem to turn on you.
When you notice an edginess to yourself that just won't go away with a good night's sleep.
And you could sleep 14 hours a day anyways.
When you're in need of a bath about every two hours, and you start to cry after somebody has told a joke, and not even you know why.
Oh and then one morning you wake up because somebody is trying to kill you with pain, from the inside out. And all the rest that I have grossed people out with on facebook more than enough. :oP

Those days a month when you go completely bonkers for no other reason than, as Trev put it: "The fact that the side effects of your hormons are not lethal is enough for nature. It doesn't go for perfect, it goes for good enough."

Screw you, nature!

The blog hop for tomorrow is scheduled, but ***Monday Friend*** is being skipped today, I'm sorry to say.


Elisa said...

Get better soon! It#s okay to skip once.

Try a infusion of marigold flowers to cheer you up. Concerning the side effects of I know what (soooo glad and realieved for the drugs a woman who has already birthed can get and I love their effects): I have an idea and will prepare a letter for you. Maybe to cheer you up you might show your readers what you got as presents from me *hinthint* - I had the impression you loved it so why not show?

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