Thursday, August 18, 2011

Self portrait Thursday - W33/11

Hello world! :o)
Hehe, you don't wanna know where I am right now, but I'm gonna tell you anyways. I'm sitting in the Lounge of the Riverside Hotel Amsterdam in a nice leather armchair, next to a warm fire, looking out on the romantic square in front of the huge windows. We just ate reeeaally nice sushi, prepared before our eyes and enough to easily fill three girls or make immobile, smiling balls out of two.
Up the huge staircase with dark wooden walls and a soft turquoise carpet right in front of me is the restaurant "Waterkant" where we dined like queens yesterday... with a view right out on the harbour.
We took some aperitiv drinks at the bar on the 20th floor of the building - with a splendid view all over Hamburg and the harbour.
When we came back from our sightseeing and some shopping this afteroon I went for a quick sauna session in the Spa area of the hotel - I had it all for myself...
That's what you get when you ask for a 'nice, quiet hotel, not too expensive' at the tourist information in Hamburg...oO

I was a bit sceptical when my sister wanted me to come with her on a city trip, knowing that she is not the type for the kind of traveling that I am used to. We first agreed on some compromises (taking a rideshare for the way up, at least one night of couchsurfing), and then I just jumped in and tried to enjoy what we got as much as possible. I am doing quite well although I can't help adding up the money we're spending in my head all the time and sometimes thinking 'Gods, these four days will cost about as much as I spent in three weeks of my last tour...'
But what's the use, I agreed to come, so I won't complain.
If all goes well and the weather is good tomorrow we're planning on taking a day trip to Helgoland - might as well! ^^

So here's my portrait, with some of my impressions of the fancy fancy life we have here ;o)

On a not so bright note, I lost my camera yesterday, so I don't have my pictures from our first day (saved all the others, luckily), and it seems I'm back to using my phone for taking pictures. :o(
I'm mad at myself because I forgot it in the lounge and now it's gone and it's really just my fault. And it was a good camera and not so old. I seem to have bad luck with them. I will have to save a bit before I can buy a new one. That's ok though, I think it will do me well to suffer a bit and then I will maybe learn to take better care of my things.

You all have a nice week, see you at the weekend with some pictures!
And if you're traveling, take care of your stuff! ;o)


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