Monday, August 22, 2011

***Monday Friend*** - Happy Birthday Tali!

This week, I want to dedicate ***Monday Friend*** to Tali. She stayed in Zurich for a while and we became very good friends. Now last week she went back home to Brazil, and I miss her. Also, it was her birthday two days ago and since I couldn't send a present, I thought this would be a good one.
It is a surprise for her, so I did not ask her for five things. Instead I wrote a list of five things that I love about her and made an illustration with these:

1. Spontaneous and funny: I admire Tali for her ability of enjoying the moment. Even though she has a lot to think about in her life she has not lost her ability to jump on opportunities and laugh at life like a kid. I have had such funny moments with her. I think everybody needs a friend who will "cookiemonster" a sweet in a bar and wears squeaky-red heart-shaped sunglasses.

2. Self-confident: She has a bunch of fantastic piercings and tattoos. Even though the Brazilian ideal woman has long straight hair, Tali proudly stands by her gorgeous short curls and looks just fantastic with them. She is wise enough to listen to her guts and for example walk into a tattoo parlour and insist on a smiley face on her finger tip because she knows she needs one now, regardless of what people tell her.

3. Honest: I can talk to Tali about everything and we have had lengthy discussions about almost all sorts of topics in this world. Be it late at night, cuddled up under our blankets, drinking coffee on a sunny afternoon or on an early morning train to our next adventure. Tali has the ability to talk from her heart, however  hard the things going on in there might be and I am so grateful for this.

4. Patient: Although she never parts from her phone and likes to be in contact with people as much as possible, I have never heard a single scoulding word from her for being a social scatterbrain or just plain communicatively lazy. Another thing I am eternally grateful for. ^^

5. Courageous and curious: During the time that I knew her, Tali has taken so many risks and done so many adventurous things that another person might not to throughout their whole life. Be it everyday sillyness like no-pants tram rides or leaving silly post-it notes everywhere, or moving to some completely different places, leaving her family and friends on another continent, and learning to ride a bicycle after years of not using one... she's the girl!

Happy Birthday again, Tali. I hope you had a great party, because you deserve it! :o))
Love you!


MrsWardy88 said...

that was nice :)

Elisa said...

glad to have had the opportunity to meet her in person before she returned to Brazil. She is so funny, I agree and also agree with her hairstyle.

Amberbop said...

What a happy Monday friend!

Zoƫ said...

being patient is the most precious thing these days! :)

yaga said...

hehe, thanks, I'm glad you guys liked the present too! ^^

Tali said...

God! Yaga!!
Thanks so flowering much!!!! hehe
That was the best present ever!
Thank you thank you thank you!!
You are so sweet... i just saw it and is so cute!!! i have no words... (and that is so hard!)
I wish i could put your draw up in my wall!!! ( i think i'll print it from here and put it up anyway!)

yaga said...

Don't worry, Tali, I will send it to you of course! :o))
I'm so glad you liked it! <3

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