Thursday, August 11, 2011

Berlin-Brussels-Amsterdam: My favourite pictures!

I'm back home for a day or so, unpacking, washing, sorting out the most pressing paper stuff and already packing for and organising new trips... And I'm trying to sort through the many many photos I took during the last three weeks. It's quite some work... I think photo editing is like using makeup: Once you get used to it you don't feel comfortable without it in public. ^^
So I've been editing the pictures that I love the most for a quick round-up here for you guys. Enjoy!

I snapped this picture of Tom and me riding by a big mirroring window. I love it because I think it captures something of the lightness with whitch Dutch people use their bikes.

 Chairs, table and a view... this is one of the many 'blind shots' I took and I just really love the absolute sillyness of it!

Tali is blowing bubbles for Manneken Pis - and he's looking!!! <3

 Tali and me, experimenting with different colored lights in the photo museum near Brussels.

 Tali, 'cookiemonstering' a star. Don't ask...

 Hitchhiking... the biggest adventure on this trip!

 A very silly mirror, also in the photography museum.

 Nemo: Science museum in Amsterdam. I snapped like two thousand pictures of this building at all times of day. It just looks great all the fr*in' time.

This may well be the picture I am most proud of. I love having captured this moment - and having taken a pic of Tom without his mouth open! ^^

 "Smile! You're not on camera, but it's good for your health."

 Teddy convention in Berlin.

Tali's new tattoo. I'm such a fan of this. Although it's already fading, I still think it's a great idea! :o)

See you tomorrow with a fresh self portrait!
Much love


Zoƫ said...

I see you had really good time.

I am so jealous.
Great adevnture! :)

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