Friday, June 10, 2011

The starving artist

Haha, no worries, we're not starving just yet. But there's other side effects of pretending to be a full time artist.

We are getting up around lunchtime. We have a quick breakfast, I answer emails and then I start painting. We sit on the sofa, Trev programs and I paint. We have salad for 'lunch' (normally around 4PM) and then work until dinner at around 10PM.

Sometimes I haven't finished my picture yet, so I work some more after eating, but ideally I then start computer work. I write emails, check facebook, write posts, recomment on other people's pages, join bloghops... you all know internet stuff sounds like not much when you talk about it, but doing it takes a looong time.

So it's 3.15AM, and I only just finished doing the really pressing stuff. No planning, no doodling, no inspiration-mapping included. My neck and back hurt from looking down into my lap all day and my eyes feel dry. I feel like the biggest bum sitting inside all day. At least I did some work on our room in between things today.

Tomorrow I'm going "into town" to do some grocery shopping since everything here will be closed down for the three day weekend of pentecost.
Hmm, that means we will need a shopping list... Oops! So much about being finished for today... >.<


Cindy said...

Haha awe I hope you get your shopping done! And quite the night-owl schedule!

Misty Boston said...

I would give anything to able to do this... but alas... I have to do the grind fulltime outside of the house in an office and they dont seem to be amused by my coloring...

yaga said...

yap, I'm trying to readjust the's just a bit difficult if there's work that just has to get done. I know I am very priviledged to be able to indulge in arts full time and have my own schedule. I enjoy it as much as possible and believe me, that is a lot of enjoyment! ;o)

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