Monday, June 13, 2011

***Monday Friend*** - Rachael

This week's Monday Friend is very special to me.
It's Rachael Harland who writes at "Squiggly Rainbow".
Rach is one of my very first 'blogging friends' - people I got to know from their blogs and count as friends now because they are so close to my heart. Rachael has been so sweet and welcoming to me ever since I discovered her blog. She even let me do a guest post for her a couple of weeks ago which made me very proud.

I had a lot of fun and came up very quickly with a design for her personal illustration:

Just like her blog, Rachael's list of five things that she sent to me is spilling over with adorable and thoughtful things. She says:
"1. I am quite ditsy and love creating. I love colours, light and nature. In my home and blog - I can't be without these. In these last few years coming of age in my early 30's I see how embracing these things has helped me to become who I am.

2. My family, my husband and three children. They are amazing, challenging and love me. I love them. They are a part of me.

3. I am quite shy, so blogging has been very challenging. I find it difficult to talk with personal friends about my blog - sometimes it is weird to know the things I write which are often my thoughts, other's are reading. But that is what I bargained for and I like to keep it real. I don't want to aspire to be anything but me. So if my blogging causes me a little bit of embarrassment.... mmmm... well so be it. I guess writing and blogging and being me are growing on me.

4. I would be a tree hugger if I had time. Where we have moved to in our new simple life, there are trees everywhere. Many European trees amongst the Aussie bush. I find such a peace and calm in trees. This may sound a tad nuts - but it's true! Just ask my family!

5. Good friends are a treasure. I have been blessed with some good one's in real life. I have found blog friends to be very encouraging, insightful and full of pictures. They say a picture speaks a thousand words - and you know some of the amazing bloggers sharing their pictures - their story - you get to know someone quickly. You can see the truth. Yaga is one of those delightful people."

Thank you, Rach, for your kindness! :o)

At Squiggly Rainbow, you cannot only read posts full of love for creating, nature and thrifting. Rachael also writes about natural parenting, her experiences with autism and Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome and her beautiful new house in county Victoria, Australia, that she and her family are turning into a lovely home.

Squiggly Rainbow also has an online shop, and The Stall in a real shop, where Rachael sells her wonderful creations: Upcycled clothes and items for the home, but also antique and vintage treasures.

A thousand thanks to Rachael for being my Monday Friend this week, and thank you for joining in!
Do you want to be in ***Monday Friend***? Don't be shy, email me: shinybubble (at)

Much love


Squiggly Rainbow said...

Yaga - you are so kind! I feel like a celebrity. LOL. The illustration is just divine - I am going to have to find a way to print it off and frame it! Love to you xxxx

Cindy said...

Ah this is lovely! I can't wait to read her blog after I check all my favorites. :)

Rachael sounds like a strong and very down to earth woman. My type of blogger! :D

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Enjoyed being introduced to your blog through Creating my Way to Success. Hope you'll come to visit my blog as well:

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