Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ramblings from and about the home office

Hello hello, it's my lunchbreak here at the office and I thought I'd write to you.
It's funny to sit here at home and actually be 'at work'. I told you I'd be working on some projects during my time off school and I'm trying to take that really serious. So I get up at 8 in the morning and start to work at 9. So I actually have a really boring 9-5 job now and I love it. :o)
I've always suspected that I would feel better if I could determine my own daily routine even when working, and so far it is very much like the liberation I imagined. I get up so much more easily if I don't have to leave the house half awake. I take my time for morning routines like breakfast and even taking a shower (I'm a very convinced shower-in-the-evening-person), lighting a candle and preparing for the day. It just feels right.

I'm writing the final paper for my diplome as a nature paedagogics teacher which I will be finishing at the end of May. I don't really have any problems writing papers. It's something I've learned early in life and done countless times, and not badly. It'll just take time, not much more.
The more important things I'm working on are two children's stories of two friends of mine who asked me to illustrate them. Just imagine!
Illustrating children's books has always been one of my dreams, and I really want to dive into these two projects because they're such great opportunities.

It is not exactly easy though. I've never worked on a big creative project before and I realise that illustrating stories takes much more than just a few cute pictures. And there's little men in my head telling me I'm not doing it right or making me feel like I can't do it. To me, drawing comes easily. It's getting over all my fears, silencing the voices in my head and fighting the lead in my hands and my brain that makes it feel like pushing a car uphill.
It's hard work, no doubt. But for once, this time I am strangely convinced that it is very much worth it.

I very much hope you are doing at least one thing you really want today, working towards realising your dreams and enjoying it! :o)


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