Wednesday, March 2, 2011

365 things - week 14

Whoops, I lied, there's two more stones to show. I hope you'll give me absolution... ;o)

I think all the stuff here is already gone. I recently took a big bag of stuff to the Brocki, so I got rid of it all at once. Now there's new space to collect things... no, joking, I'm quite glad for every free corner we have here. 

I don't feel on top of things so much this week concerning this project, there's so much else going on at the moment and I feel like I lost my overview of what I gave away already and what I still have. I'm quite glad I have a very detailed list that makes searching through easy. 

I've been doing household chores all day and now I'm heading out for a well earned choccolate ice cream. I'll leave you with these pictures to inspire you to look for small things that you might not really need anymore.
Oh and if you wanna snoop more of my stuff, check my other post of today! ;o)


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