Monday, March 28, 2011

Phoenix and ash and such

*insert trumpets and drumrolls*
Juhuu, I'm back!
The break turned out to be a creative one. As soon as I stopped thinking about writing posts, I felt the need to start working on the design of the blog. I've wanted to give it a facelift for some time but never got around to start on it seriously. But this time I spent hours researching the net, reading tutorials or begging Trev to help until slowly but surely all the things that were on my list started adding up on the page.

I think it is still not a masterpiece of design, but then for somebody who really doesn't know a lot about programming, I am quite satisfied with the amount of individuality that I got.

What's new, you may ask.
First of all, I updated the blog description and the section about myself, right up there, in the new navigation bar.

You can now like or shareposts on the social network site of your choice, aaaaand:

I have a facebook fan page!!!

So if you're so inclined, would you please klick like there on the left, so that little square fills up with lovely people's faces very quickly??
If you aren't following The Shiny Bubble on Networked Blogs already, you will see new posts there as soon as they are out, and of course I'll be adding additional information and pictures - and so can you! ;o)

I'm quite excited about that and I hope it will help to add some structure and coherent design to the blog.

And of course I haven't forgotten about all the interesting things I promised to tell you about before I went away. I am currently working on writing up all these posts.
See you soon!


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