Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A little celebration-giveaway

Even though I have been sick with some nasty cold the past few days and everything else has been put on hold for the moment (which makes me *sick*, especially with the great weather we're having here right now!), I would like to celebrate a little bit. *pops party hat on*

There's not only one but three excuses for that. First of all of course the new look of the blog, but also the new Facebook page, and then today I finally, after a loooong time of waiting, got my invite for Pinterest in my email.

Pinterest is a very beautiful and stylish site to find and catalogue pictures that you like. It's like an online pin -or- inspirationboard. There are thousands of adorable pictures of all sorts on the site, but you can also pin directly from any website that you might come across whilst surfing. And of course you can make friends with other people whose style you like and see their fabulous pinboards.

Pinterest is still in Beta and not open for signups, so you have to leave your email address and wait for an invite. I waited about two months, which is a freaking long time when everything you wanna do is just get pinning.

But here's the good news for all you people:

As a new member of Pinterest I can invite a certain number of my friends who then get their own accounts.

I will give away 5 of these invites as celebration-presents.

All you have to do is 
- like my facebook-page (over there, on the left), or follow me on blogger (you find the link at the top of the page when you're signed in) or with google friend connect (also on the left)

- and then contact me and give me your email address.

If there are more than 5 people participating, I will of course let the lucky fairy decide and make a lottery pot.

I'm already looking forward to giving away these invites and see you stylish people on Pinterest! Juhuuu! :o)

PS: Of course you can also join the giveaway if you are already following The Shiny Bubble!


SewIThought said...

That is the coolest idea... would be great since i'm planning on moving in the next few months and need some inspiration! Let me know if you still have any invites left. I follow you!

Elisa said...

I follow you since the start of this blog and I liked the page straight ahead! (and hope you can tell me how to set up one for my blog too).

Draw me in!

Squiggly Rainbow said...

I will try this out! Looks tricky

yaga said...

Hahaa, so far, you will all get a price. I guess that's the upside of following a newbie-blog! ;o)
I'll count out on Monday!

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