Friday, February 18, 2011

Under the sea

This is the most cleverly constructed hat I've ever knitted. (warning: knitting-language-ramblings ahead) It is knit sideways on straight needles and shaped with shortrows. It's so interesting but once you've memorized the principle it is a really mindless knit, and fast! Even though my gauge was much too small and I had way more stitches than in the original, overall knitting time was just a few hours. The provisional cast-on and the life stitches at the end are then grafted together, which was just the icing on the cake. It always seems strange to me that my lifetune doesn't play fanfares when I'm grafting something, and why other people can be in the same room without having their jaws dropping. It's just such a clever way of joining stitches!

So, thumbs up for Ysolda once more. The pattern is here and here, and my project is ravelled here.


Kathryn said...

Great hat! I have yet to knit anything with shortrows but have eyed a few patterns that include them, I might just have to give them a whirl.

Cute necklace, too!

yaga said...

I would really recommend this pattern as an introduction to shortrows, since it repeats itself so many times its perfect for practising, and it is also much faster than, say, socks with shortrow heel.
tell me what you chose when you get to it! ;o)

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