Saturday, February 19, 2011

Project reStyle: Toesocks to armwarmers

Here's a little thing I made yesterday, before heading out to a coffee date. I sorted through my wardrobe the other day (one of the most emotional steps of pr365 so far) and realised I have a bunch of toesocks that I love because of their colors and motives, but never wear. I have never gotten used to the feeling of wearing them because I don't have much chance to do so. Since I wear at least two layers of tights/stockings/socks 99% of the time, toesocks are not so useful. (they would have to be the first layer where nobody can see them, I haven't tried it but I am almost sure wearing toesocks over normal socks is impossible. ^^)

Now I can wear them where everybody can see the cute reindeers and snowstars:


Deb said...

Hi! I saw your project on 100+ Clothes Recycling site. I love this idea...but for an odd reason! I have to wear a brace on my right hand to keep my thumb stable due to arthritis. It needs fabric between it and my skin. I have been figuring out different "socks" for my hand...this will work great without a lot of altering! Plus, as you mentioned, it comes in cute colors and motifs! Thank you for the idea!

Deb from

yaga said...

Hi Deb, thank you so much for your comment, how uplifting to see that this idea even has a practical use now! have fun making and wearing them! :o)

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