Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Huffing and Puffing

I feel like an old train trying to take up speed after getting back from the camping on Sunday. It was such a magical time out there, with lots of good conversations, rituals and nature, and when I came home I directly jumped back into workmode, so I feel like my soul is still out there in the woods, trying to find its way back (my grandmother always says that even if we might travel on wheels and wings now, our soul still goes by foot). Everyday life seems to float by behind a hazy veil, just a bit too far away to really care. But I'm getting back into everything, and I'll start with uploading some pictures.

Here is the link to the full facebook album.

Phew, now this is my last week at work and then it looks like I'm off for summer, making bubbles! Looking forward to that. Also, there is already a lot going on that I haven't told you about yet. I'll be back with all of that!


rabbit and the duck said...

I love camping! Looks like you had a great time : ) PS. Looking forward to seeing more pics of your yurt!

yaga said...

I saw you did! :o) There's no poisonous spiders in Switzerland, luckily! ;o)
I really hope I can post more yurt progress soon. The sunlight really boosts our motivation to finally finish it!

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