Wednesday, February 9, 2011

365 things - week 11

Well, here we are with giving away stuff. As I mentioned last week I am way ahead at the moment, and this is giving me a hard time. I have a treasure chest of semi precious stones that I decided to give away. I really love them, just for what they are, but I never use them anymore and I think there are other people out there who could give them a more gracious home. BUT since they are quite hard to part with I want to count them all individually, and that makes up for about three weeks of stuff. So I guess the following Wednesdays all you're gonna see here are stones. A bit boring if they're not for you, but if you like that kind of thing you might want to watch this space.

I am very bad at remembering names, and the pictures aren't that good, but I think you will be able to make out enough details to judge if you would like one of them. They are all varying from the size of an acorn (+) to about that of a chestnut(++++). If you want to know any more details, drop me a line.

 snowflake obsidian with a hole (and some beads ^^) +

Quartz ++++

? +

 ? +

 ? +++

 ? +

? +

Have a great evening! ;o)


Tali said...

can i have it?... i have a collection... but as it weight only 3 kg... my mom said that can not take to zurich... =(

yaga said...

haha, wow! 3kilos is a lot! understand your mom... ;o) well, if nobody else asks by the end of the week, you can have them all together!

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