Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A hat and some pants

I want to show you this because I know I'll forget about it and tomorrow won't be time, because it is 365-things-day.
I finished this hat after a loong long time today and I am quite glad and in the end still like it quite a lot. I made it too short first. Then frogged half of it and made it longer. Then it felt too big. Then the tassels were too long. And so on. And everytime I realised something was wrong I tucked it away hoping it would fix itself whilst I wasn't looking.
It is still a bit loose but otherwise it's fine and very comfy. It's made from handspun Lama fiber my godmother gave me. It is very shiny and chunky, but also a bit scratchy and I still have 2.5 balls left. I'm looking for ideas to make sth else with them.

Oh and as I said, since I want to get back into yoga this year, I thought I'd start with making myself some yoga pants. I had this oversized T-shirt with 'The scary bitches' logo on it that I just couldn't throw away but can't really wear either. So I cut it up and sewed into pants (really easy how-to here!) Easy peasy!


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