Thursday, December 23, 2010

365 things - week 4

Here we are with this week's items to give away:

It took me some heart to decide to let go of this beautiful scarf. It is really nice and can double as a headband. However, I am more the bandana type and I just don't wear it as much as I feel I should to justify its presence in my wardrobe.
So if you like it or if you know anybody who might: It would make my heart much lighter to know that I can give this away into a good home where it will be loved and appreciated!

I got this oil lamp as a present when I moved into this flat, but it never gets used and is still looking brand new and shiny. It can of course also be used as sth else, like a vase or so. Anybody like it?

I am not the type to knit from books, so I don't look at these too often. However, this one's got many nice and entertaining, quite easy patterns in a modern, light style.

A book about dividing the year into different tree-times, in German:

I really loooove Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, but not enough to own DVD's with their films...

I borrowed this one off my dad and will give it back this weekend.

That's it, I'm guiltfree for this week! :o)


Tali said...

Ich möchte / mag den Schal!!

Can i have it??? please???

yaga said...

sure! I'm sure it will look fantastic on you!

David said...

ich mag DVDs ;) selbstabholer? ;)

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