Thursday, December 23, 2010

365 things - week 3

It's funny, it seems that however hard I try, there is still hectic coming up in the last days before Christmas. I had all the important presents wrapped since weeks and everything I still needed to get done planned out neatly. And then it just goes all chaotic.
First I got into a knittinz frenzy and decided to whip up some more presents. I love giving presents if I have a nice idea of what the person might like. So I figured I couldn't let the opportunity pass and cast on for some things.
Then I got this feeling of guilt towards some uncompleted projects lying in my basket and I thought I'd try and finish them in the old year.
All of that led to me knitting like crazy and some pressure.
Add to that some last minute things that should get done at school and a full-programmed last day looming.
And if that weren't enough the little viruses that have been poking at my throat for weeks decided that yesterday would be the day of the big strike, and they just plain knocked me out. All I could do this morning was admitting defeat and stay in bed, feeling terribly sorry for myself.
The flat looks like some hobo's cave and I just hope that I will feel better tomorrow to get it clean because I know if I don't I will feel horrible.

Well, to give myself the feeling of doing something useful today I went through my stuff to find things to give away for the last two weeks.
It is mainly books because I raided my bookshelf:

I think this one belongs to Björn:

And this one goes back to my dad:

This might be Björn's too:

And this one should go back to my sister:

There's a follow-up post for week 4, where some things need a new home.


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