Sunday, August 1, 2010

The first step: Getting wood

Yesterday we spent the afternoon transporting the wood that we ordered to our building place. Since the weather is so unsure these days we had to decide very spontaniously that today is the day.

Since we couldn't find a car to borrow I emergency-phoned a rental service, and they just had one transporter left. It was a bit small for the long pieces, so we had to drive back and forth three times, but it wasn't far, luckily. And it was fun to drive such a big car!

Now everything is piled up in the stable, and we can start constructing the floor. That will be lots of measuring and then lots of cutting. Friends with saws are very welcome! ;o)

Then we had a very hard-earned break under the cherrytree and just enjoyed our new home for the first time...

The yurt will stand where the tipi is now. I realise it looks a bit like the shire on this photo. And it's green like this all around. There's sheep and chickens and cows and bees... it's just wonderful!


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