Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busier than bees!

Is it possible to be busier than bees? If yes, then that's what we are this week. There are guests from all over the world, hardcore pancake cooking, hiking, firejuggling and all sorts of crazy things going on!
We went to measure out all the wood on monday. It took us three (!) hours, and if my good friend David wouldn't have been there to help, I am sure we would still be there.
That way, we have a program running now, that will tell us how exactly to cut all the pieces so we get minimum waste when constructing the floor. As you can maybe imagine, this takes some time, so we are taking care of the rest of the material at the moment: truck canvas, bamboo, reed... it takes lots of googling, comparing and calculating to be sure we choose the right and most affordable material.
Have a happy wednesday evening!


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