Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Lia and me drove to Aargau yesterday to get 400 sticks of bamboo, up to 3m long. They didn't quite fit in the car, but we managed to pack them with minimal sticking out in the back (not like the guys from the selling place...). The way back was really uncomfortable for Lia because she had to squeeze into the passenger seat with its back turned halfway down, and pulled all the way to the front... and it took us so long, since we couldn't use the highways. But finally we got there and picked up jana.
The rest of the afternoon we girls worked away on all that bamboo, measuring, cutting and smoothing, whilst Trev continued with the floor. It was a very pleasant way of working, repetitive and satisfying. A bit like knitting but with mor co-working. :o)

The not so pleasant thing was that I had caught a cold the other day and was feeling more and more feverish as time went on. So today I am staying at home and trying to get better, hoping that we can continue tomorrow and on the weekend, pray the weather gods allow!


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