Friday, July 16, 2010

what's your yoghurt profile? ;o)

I don't know how it is in other countries, but I think for swiss people yoghurt is one of the things where they don't make compromises. It has to be that very brand and that certain flavour, or it will sit neglected in the fridge forever.
I, for example, can't stand the coop mix-me bio yoghurts. I don't like the unsweetened kind, and I will not eat any nestlé yoghurt.

But I've only come to think about this because of a much bigger question I have had in my mind for a longer time now. Since I still buy yoghurt (making it yourself is very easy - but that's another story!), and I eat one every morning, I started asking myself which ones would be the greenest yoghurts to buy. Bio makes the decision about the insides quite easy.

But do you know about the outside?

Glass jar or plastic cup???

Glass can be recycled, but it takes a lot of energy to produce. When I was little the jars were washed and given back to the shop and the producers reused them directly, but now they melt it every time.

Plastic is a lot lighter than glass and therefore doesn't need as much energy for transport, but it is unhealthy and I don't have the possibility to recycle it.

After browsing the web I decided to switch to glass jugs, which apparently makes sense, especially if the product is not transported over big distances. And since the only yoghurt producer I know who stores theirs in glassjars is swiss, I think I am pretty fine off there.

It could be so easy - but it isn't. I have yet to find bio yoghurts in glass containers... oh cruel world!


textrix said...

Die 500g-yoghurts aus dem bioladen sind im glas, und das wird zurückgenommen. In einigen läden (z.b. rägeboge in winti oder der komische im morgental-wollishofen, die andern weiß ich grad nicht) gibt's sogar depot drauf. en guete! ;-)

yaga said...

hey super, danke für den tipp! ;o)

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