Monday, July 19, 2010

The green bathroom series - continued

I wouldn't have thought that the decision to 'green' (sorry the stereotype expression, but it's just easier) my life would change it so much. I am not only talking about the actual changes that I make, but also how I look at things, what's occupying my thoughts... finding livable, affordable and ecological solutions for my daily life has proven to be some great kind of mind yoga, challenging not only my creativity and abilities of selfcommutation. I find thinking about all the processes behind certain products, links and relationships, and especially social mechanisms which are closely tied to how we consume and live, absolutely intellectually mind-blowing!

So it always feels like a break to just change little practical things like the yoghurt decision. ;o)
One thing at a time, and they can't be forgotten because they keep repeating in my daily life, in small and bigger cycles.
Like the magic time, when girls wear dark underwear... this month it was just so annoying, nothing seemed to work at all, but normally I'm very happy with my mooncup. If you wanna read about how to save money and waste by switching to green menstrual products, here is a great site for you! (It's also interesting for guys. ;o) )

Just imagine the tons of garbage tampons and pads produce every month! And think about how much money you spend on these things. I mean, those producers know exactly we all use them, so they can basically charge what they want, the bastards.


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