Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Foto-Lovestory: Amsterdam

I realised, I have so many pictures that I should not spoil the goodness with too many words. So let me just show you...

The weather was fabulously hot all weekend

I've never had a warmer welcome than Vanja gave us at Schipol airport, and before we knew what happened, we were provided with bicycles and off for a first city tour.

The next morning we took our kaffjebrodjes to a big park

before we went on the lookout for Vanja's school where we listened to a choir concert of hers and a relly cool japanese piece of music.

And then had a drink on top of the library

Since chinatown and all the inner city was packed with tourists and footballfans

we went to find more quiet spots

and decided we want a houseboat

we saw curious things

and tried bitterballen, before heading to a dutch pub that was also an indian restaurant. Then we started watching a movie but fell asleep halfway through it.

The next day we took a tour to the 'countryside' which actually lies inbetween two parts of amsterdam.

Took a ferry boat

And on our way back decided we absolutely needed to play midgetgolf

this is not the end

we played a very dirty game

finished watching the movie, watched another one and then at one point must have gone to sleep because oh so soon it was monday and our last day.
We took some culinary excursions (bouillabaisse for lunch, gelati afterwards) and had a last look around a street full of antiquity shops and another tourist hotspot, the Reijksmuseum (we didn't go in...).

And then said good bye.

What can you do if you go to visit a city that is as flat as a girl with a bicycle can wish for, where a great friend lives, and where the sun shone all weekend? I am in love, and my list of places where I wanna live is longer again.

There are many more photos on facebook! Click here to see them!


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