Monday, June 14, 2010

Back with pa-doum!

Woah, people, there's been a lot going on since I last posted...
As you could read I had a little downwards-phase in my motivation those days. But I got over with it quite quickly by reading inspiring internet sites like planet green.
Then I had an exciting weekend and wanted to post pictures for you, but Blogger screwed it all up and I was frustrated and then I went away for some days and didn't think about it anymore. Then I had a haaaard week and then a very nice weekend. And that's it. All the excuses I could come up with. ;o)

But never mind, here are the pictures!

A week ago, Roman borrowed me his bike for the weekend, so we went off for a first big tour around Zugersee on saturday. It was beautiful weather, and we stopped for icecream in Bremgarten, a very cute little village:

As often, it got late until we were back, but not too late for a short stop at a bbq and to meet some old friends and see them playing with fire.

On sunday, I went off to Ticino over Gotthardpass. To be honest, I think it was a bit too much, for my second day on the big bike. But there was practically no traffic and I went very slowly and arrived late, but safe. And was rewarded with beautiful weather, great food and company, and a splendid day in Ascona and at the botanic garden on the Isole de Brissago.

I had to take the tunnel back due to really bad weather, but it was ok with me, I felt a bit too tired for mountaineering on the bike again. It is really very technical, and I am not yet so good with that, left alone that I didn't know the bike that well.
I like it very much though. It's a Honda CBF 500, it's strong enough for me, and still not so big.

I still managed to break it, though. I had to stop sharp at a redlight and it got off balance. Although most guys will consider it a light bike it is still very heavy for me and I couldn't hold it, so it fell down. I wasn't hurt and the man in the car behind me came and helped me put it up again in no time, but the handle of the frond brake snapped in the middle.
Honestly: I'm quite ok with that, given what else could have happened that weekend. :o)


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