Monday, March 1, 2010

costly, expensive, bio

We are at the supermarket, and I need laundry soap. There is the regional-oecological possibility: 15 washes for 15 Franks. In the next shelf sits the budget soap, 25 washes for 4.50.

'What about your oecological resolutions?', asks the Boss when I grab the cheap bottle.

Wait a minute.

Sure, my consciousness is not so clean with this decision, BUT - and I always have to remember myself to that - the plans were not to spend as much money as possible on everything that says 'Bio' on it. The resolution was to find affordable and creative solutions for a greener life that leaves me integrated in our society.

I'm off to do the washing. (By the way: Do you have a dryer? Do you use it? Drying clothes uses three times as much energy as the actual washing. Think about it...)

If you're intersted in easy tipps for a greener daily life, try wwf. They have a great part for that on their site.


Elisa said...

I don't have a dryer. We dry our clothes in the bathroom, even if it might take up to 2 days if it is cold. I love ironing, so there is no need for a dryer. Kaba has one and can't live without it.

I agree on the problem of eco friendly and equaly cheap washing. We had to decide against eco friendl because of budget reasons, too.

I recently read, that with a small bag of washing nuts from India you can wash 100 times for 16 Euros. I think this is a good ratio, but it looks expensive at first (like with your moon cup). Probably you should research on where to get washing nuts from India at a reasonable price and try them. They seem to have amazing washing powers, too.

Good luck with that.

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