Sunday, February 28, 2010

Free from freedom

Hello again! I have been away on a mission of well-being. Every year in february, the girls from my studying class all meet up for some days of spa, relaxing, good food and lots of girls talk in this lovely place. Even though normally I would spend that much on two weeks of vacation instead of four days, it is well worth the money. I feel very restored, especially in my social skills and had a complete break, not thinking about anything, feeling very far away from my 'daily life'. This may also be because I did not really expect it coming and hurriedly packed my stuff the night before leaving, taking a bag that was even emptier than when I use it for training.

There is also another reason that has quite definitely affected my shape in the past few months. Ever since I started taking hormonal contraception again, I have been feeling all strange. Of course I didn't link it with the pill at first, but it became fairly obvious when I started observing it and realised that during one week a month I began turning back to 'normal'. The symptoms were mostly that I felt always very tired and it was hard to actually do things and I felt increasingly uneasy with social contact. Maybe this sounds like little now, but it undergoes all parts of a life and thus has quite a big influence on how you feel in general. It is very disturbing for the mind to be disconnected from the body.

Last week we had enough of it and decided that it was not even worth going to the end of the already bought package. I threw everything away. Of course my body and cycle were very confused by that, but all in all I have been slowly recovering since then. I feel much more vital already, and I am so glad about that decision.

It may be that the pill is a very handy way of contraception when you are younger. But as we grow older and more accustomed to our body's ways, we become more and more aware of the fakeness and the side effects of all the hormons in our natural cycle. A lot of girls my age that I spoke to about this agreed with my story and said they had experienced more or less the same. Some are lucky to not have any problems at all of course. But I think it's almost riddiculous how little we are told about what these medicaments can do to us besides being the cure of all evils that come with being a girl.

My mum told me that the pill was called the freedom of the new woman in the sixties, when it first was distributed.
Now we have to free ourselves from the pill, or the firm believes that we have grown, that it is a natural part of the life of every woman...

It will be quite some time before I think about possibilities of hormonal contraception again.


Julia said...

Hi Yaga!

I remember, when my first girlfriend started to take the pill, I didn't think about it much. Not even when she had to change to a different pill because of side-effects. But in the past few years, I learned things about hormones that make me feel uncomfortable about the pill.

On transsexual people, the effect of hormones is very obvious. With testosterone, you can give every woman a beard and a deep voice. Male-to-female transsexuals get contraception pills prescribed because they contain estrogene. They get breasts from it, and body shape and body hair changes. Often, they gain weight and get depressed more likely. Most hormone taking transsexuals I know say they affect their emotions and behavior, especially social behavior, in some way. In some rare cases, even the sexual orientation changed due to hormones.

The more I know, the more I wonder about how people (esp. young people) take hormones without worrying. Just because it's so "normal" to take them. I think it's careless to prescribe hormones to girls without telling them they can affect not only your body, but also your personality seriously.


yaga said...

Thanks so much for your comment! It's amazing if we think about what these pills can change, then it only really occurs to me how high the dose of those hormones must be! and I find it completely clear how I could have gotten in such a state. There really should be more information about these issues! I will google about it... stay tuned! ;o)

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