Monday, February 27, 2012


At the moment, I am sure that my life is a fairytale. Everything is coming together like in a dream. A good one... You know how sometimes life feels like your swimming against a stream?
Well, right now, life feels like floating on gentle, warm waters, feeling completely immersed and at peace, joyful, full of trust... things are not perfect, but from my perspective, I feel the soft water and I'm looking up into the blue blue sky and I know: Life is good.

We're traveling back to Montpellier tomorrow and my parents are coming, too. They're staying until Thursday, so Wednesday will be spent city-watching and there might be some good food involved. ^^
On facebook the other day I mentioned another change that will affect you guys too and don't worry, I'll spill the beans this week, it won't be long now! ;o)

See you soon! <3


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