Friday, January 6, 2012

New year, new home

Hello everyone! How have you been this first week of the year¿ Me, extremely busy of course. We drove back up to the mountains in Glarus on the 1st, then packed all our stuff into the car. We left the little house in the mountains with quite a heavy heart. Especially Trev has really enjoyed our time up there and it was not an easy goodbye. We had to leave really early because I had to be in Zuerich at 10am to hand over my flat. It went all well and I'm really glad to have found a good friend who loves the little space as much as I do.
We still had some stuff up in her attic though and even though -kind as she is- she offered to keep it until we had found a more permanent place, we wanted to take it with us and leave the space clean for her. We didn't have any chance to pile those things on top of all the stuff we had packed already, so we drove all the way out to my parent's place, dumped our boxes onto their parking space, and then went back into town to fetch the rest. Back at the parking we sorted through the things and found we could fit in a few more, the rest we packed as neatly as possible and left at my parent's place (bless their hearts!).
Then we made sure we had all our paper stuff together... if you move from Switzerland to an EU country you have to have a list of all your things, with weight and how much it is worth, address and signature on all three copies of them, and receits for the more valuable things. And your housing contract of course... well, it's so complicated and you can't get any real information on what's expected from you anywhere... so we made the list, but we didn't weigh or estimate the price of all the things. Even like that, and owning the little that we own, it was quite crazy. But I was really frightened that they might make problems at the border - I never trust buerocracy!
The next morning we got up at half past4 and said goodbye to my mum, and by 5am me, Trev and my dad were on our way south.
My dad - the nicest man there ever was - was driving down with us so I had somebody to share the driving with, and so we didn't have to return to Zuerich with the car. The journey went well. We passed the border without a soul in sight. We arrived in Montpellier about three hours ahead of our schedule. Our landlady sent her very lovable cousin to hand over the keys. Unloading the car took us about ten minutes and there we were: In our little flat in the south of France.
It feels so weird to live in another country. If you would have asked me before, I would have said I know France quite well. I spent most of my childhood summers very close to here. And still, now that I actually am here to stay - at least for a while - it all feels much different and very big and a bit intimidating at times. We treated ourselves to a nice dinner in town that evening. The next day we spent mainly unpacking and we went to buy some basic things. In the evening, Trev cooked a great dinner and today my dad left to drive back to Switzerland in the early morning.
This evening now almost all the things are unpacked and stored, most of the decorations and weird art from our landlady has gone down and the space is waiting for our own decorations. So you see, it has all gone just as well as one would wish for. Now it's a matter of getting settled and starting to feel at home.
I hope you had an exciting start into the new year. I am typing this on Trev's iPad which is not really comfy, but I just can't find the charging cable of my laptop... So pictures and other things might have to wait for a while until I can use my own laptop again.


Elisa said...

you are very brave to move out of country. One thing is great about your new home: it is EU so shipping costs are so much cheaper now :-)

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