Monday, January 16, 2012


Yesterday was a Duh-kinda day. I felt cranky, whiny, frustrated. Restless, cold, could eat all the time. Back aches.
Some of you will roll their eyes now and say "Same old story." But well, I just don't ever seem to learn. It's the same every month, it just kinda sneaks up on me. At least I get a nice moment of relief when I realise why I'm feeling so crappy.
Then I went and opened my diary and next to the lines where I had scribbled "Why can I never be happy?" and "Nobody really cares for me here." I wrote:
"It's all good, don't believe any of this shit, I got my period."
Then I started painting a new picture and felt better. I also wrote two mammuth blogposts about significant stuff that I'm quite proud of. But I won't publish them yet, firstly because it's a pain to use the html editor for blogger on ipad and insert every end of the line and paragraph code by hand, and secondly because I can't insert any pictures and really long blog posts without pictures are just really a pain to read.

And today was a Dah-Day, with a little spring, because I knew I was on the upside of the wave again, and I went and had a cup of tea with a lovely girl and talked French with her (wasn't as bad as I had feared), and then got a bicycle. I can only keep it until end of the month, but it's a start. ;o)

I'm wishing so badly that I'll get my charger cable in the mail soon so I can use my laptop again... meh me. >.<


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