Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Diamonds and Stones

"Some Days are Diamonds, some Days are Stones." ~ John Denver.

I always think of that quote when I'm a bit down. It's a bit like the wise man who says "this, too, shall pass." There are ups and downs in life and nothing is forever. Only, I'm not sure if the stones would be the ups or the downs. Me, I think I'd prefer a smooth and lovely pebble to any ol' diamond.
Well, whichever it is, I've been having a rough day. It actually started yesterday. I'd been having such a great weekend realxing and I felt like I really recharged my batteries, and then I started the week off feeling tired and unmotivated and overwhelmed. When I got back from running in the evening (which I dragged myself to), I discovered that somebody had stolen one of the bicycles that a friend has lent us whilst he's away. Superbugger!
The rest... well it just all feels like a bit much and I'm quite sure that's because of my mindset. Take this as an example: In the afternoon I felt like I really needed to get it out, but I thought I wouldn't post a big rant on my blog, so I typed it (quite slowly on the touchscreen of the ipad - because I was too lazy to use the real keyboard) all into the writing app - and then halfway through apparently hit a key that says 'erase everything and don't save and don't ever give it back'. Boum.
That's pretty much how I feel about my whole life at the moment.
Diamonds and stones, diamonds and stones. I hope the shiny things will come my way soon.


Elisa said...

I'm having stones since the new year started, then. Mainly.

I think we should nest/cocoon more and eat more comfort food.

yaga said...

Oh I'm doing that as much as possible, I'm really feeling comfy in our place here! But there's things that need doing... The pretty stones or the bad stones? ;o)

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