Monday, November 21, 2011

Xmas works

I'm generally an early bird when it comes to christmas presents, but I think this year is a record.

Since I'm going to see my family on Wednesday for the last time before christmas, I've finished everything already.
It always feels inspiring to be ahead of deadlines. :o)

Have you started on xmas things already? Or is it too early for holiday feelings?


Elisa said...

I bought Ron his present and we already have made the presents for Rons mum and my parents. Nothing else yet because with my new payroll job, the work in the house and the baby and being ill is overfilling my attention at the monent and no rest for me to do anything. :-(

Don't forget to gimme your adress in London so I know where to send your christmas card to :-)

yaga said...

Cool, so there's quite a lot done already! What did you buy for Ron and what did you make? What's your new job? Do you like it? hugs!

Catharina said...

Earlier i've started and finished the presents in october xP This year i havent even started, and well, i dont think i can afford much this year anyway.

// I didnt make the house from skratch, the gingerbread-parts where bought, but i did build and decorate it myself x) thanks!

yaga said...

Ha, designing is the fun thing anyways and you did a great job! I think last year when I knitted a really complicated scarf for my boyfriend I started in October. But never finished until December! oO

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