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Africa - Adepeju @ Peekadot


Polly makes jewelry and clothing and paints enchanted pictures. You can read about her creative life, her kids and her outfits on her blog "Pixie Mama". Polly sells her creations in her etsy shop "This enchanted pixie".

Tell us a bit about your trade: What do you create, how and where do you sell your things,
how long have you been doing this? 
Hey! I design and create bohemian jewellery, art and clothing. I've been creating all of my life, but have only been selling them for the last 6 months! I sell online, in my etsy shop – This Enchanted Pixie

Please, tell us a little bit about the place and the country that you live in.
I live in North Wales, a teeny corner of the UK. We live in rolling hills and valleys, amidst some beautiful scenery. It's a land full of song, full of beauty and full of inspiration. We're close to the ocean, the mountains and the rivers – everything you could ask for!

Do you think that your surroundings influence your creativity? How? 
My surroundings most certainly influence my creativity. We are surrounded by so much of natures own beauty that inspires me everywhere I look. From the everchanging colours of the sky, to the multi coloured leaves, beautiful shells by the sea, darting fish in the ocean. My mind is filled with so much beauty every day, I'm never short of inspiration. If ever I am feeling stuck, a walk around or a day trip will give me so many ideas to get me on my way!

How and why did you 'pick' your creative outlet of choice?
I'm not sure that I 'picked' my creative outlet or if it picked me. I've been making jewellery and clothing for as long as I can remember, it's a part of me – without that I am not whole. Painting came a little later in my teens – and is my therapy. I can loose myself in a painting for days.

Why did you decide to sell what you are creating?
I'd never thought that I could sell my creations until recently. After sharing some of my creations on my blog, I recieved lots of encouragement from others to sell what I have made.

How did you start your business?
I spent a while creating so I had some stock to start with. I did some research online into selling arts and crafts, and spent a while thinking of how I wanted my shop to look. Then I took the plunge and signed up to Etsy! It's been a steep learning curve, but it's been the best decision I've made!
What, in your opinion is your biggest strength in your creative life and how does it
influence your work?
My greatest strength is noticing. I keep my eyes wide open all the time – letting myself see every single drop of beauty that surrounds me. I can be inspired by the simplest thing – the colour of the sky, a raindrop resting on a leaf... by allowing myself to notice what is all to easy to take for granted, I open myself up to daily inspiration.

What would you regard as your greateest weakness in terms of your creativity and how do you deal with it?
My greatest weakness is trying to do too much at once. Trying to attempt every craft all in one go. Sometimes my mind is flooded with so many different ideas, that I get overwhelmed trying to create them all that I don't actually get anything done. I deal with it by focussing on one thing at a time, I keep a notebook so I can write/sketch any ideas I have for later, freeing my mind to focus on what I'm creating right then.

How do you stay motivated and inspired?
Plenty of rest and relaxation! When I'm overworked, tired and stressed out – you can bet I'm not feeling inspired or motivated to create anything. Taking time out to rest is the best tonic to staying motivated. Be it a movie night or a day out by the river – time to just be keeps my mind fresh and allows it the peace it needs to come up with fresh ideas.

Where do you see yourself and your creative life in two years? Do you have any plans?
Personally in two years time, I hope to be living by the sea! Creatively I hope that my business is still flourishing, that it is expanding and perhaps my creations are being sold locally and at craft fairs as well as online. I'm planning on giving some more time to my painting – soon I will be offering custom portrait paintings.

What are your 5 hottest tips for people who want to be more successful with
  • Follow your heart, create what you love – not what you think others will love
  • Notice – stop rushing through daily life, slow down and notice the small things.
  • Keep a sketchbook – sketch everything – ideas you have, things that inspire you, get it all down so you can flick through when you need a little inspiration
  • Take time out – you can't create your best when you're overworked, exhausted and stressed. Allow yourself some time off to recharge your batteries.
  • Believe – believie in yourself and your creations. Don't sell yourself short – stand up and say how great what you make is.

    Thank you so much, Polly, for visiting me this week, it was so interesting and inspiring to read your answers! 
    You can also find Polly on Twitter!

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Jill said...

Another wonderful creative soul you've introduced us to Yaga! Thank you! I'm off to check out Polly's shop!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

About A Mom said...

Hi! I am a new follower of your awesome blog! Thanks for hosting! I would love for you to stop by http://aboutamom.com and link up for our first Wild Wednesday Hop!

Janelle said...

I was checking out her Etsy shop and her tops are beautiful! Beautiful style. Another great interview! :)

Suzy Myers said...

Great interview!! You find some amazing folks!

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