Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ready to fly!

Uh, actually, I'm not flying this time, and I'm not *quite* ready yet... but the blog certainly is. I'v scheduled some regular posts like the blog hop and ***Monday Friend***, so you'll still see the normal content in the two weeks that I'm gone. I'm planning to do a self portrait, too. But of course I can't really say how well this will work. I'm taking my laptop with me and I'm hoping to be able to show you some pictures every week and tell you how we're doing.
I also have some great guestposts lined up for you, so look forward to giving love to some of my writing friends here. :o)

I'm really looking forward to leaving and being away for some time. I feel like it could do me good to get some distance from all the pressing everyday work that I've been doing these past weeks and maybe get some air for new ideas.

Now, I still have a room to clean up an a bag to pack... ;o)
See you on the road!!


Elisa said...

I hope my blogpost was not too late and that you don't have trouble adding and prescheduling it.

As for your internet access and self portrait: you can do that here at my place. And at my parent's place. And in Hackescher Markt there is a hotspot in the Starbuck's.

I hope you will be able to answer mails before you leave and find the time while tidying your room and packing your bag. And don't forget to plan space to take some things back from here! :-)

Have a good train ride and don't forget to stay in touch! I will enable all I can for you here. :-)

Zoƫ said...

You don't look happy in the picture taht you are going... hehe ;)

And I am jealous...

I would like to go somewhere...
ANd feel that I am away from everything and everyone ( well not amybe from everyone )

Have fun! :)

yaga said...

Hehe, that was actually on another trip and I'm making a sad face because I'm on my way home. ;o)

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