Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pictures from Berlin

Hey everybody!
How has your week been? Did you do some great stuff?
We had a great time in Berlin. The first two days were sunny and really warm. We even walked barefeet at one point. We took a tour to see some graffiti art and famous former squats/now culture or social centers. On Wednesday the temperatures fell to mostly freezing and it was windy and poured down all day.
We still made it to Checkpoint Charlie and then again the next day when it was more dry, so we could leave our marks on the Wall.

On the way to Berlin

In the tube

Tali gets her skin analised

peace and love bears

the TV tower

weather still nice

even sunny enough for glasses :)

paper mural ("hey Carl, there's somebody puking!" - "Must be a tourist!")

former squat - Hundertwasser style!
 Our hosts were awesome! Even though they didn't have much time they did everything to make us feel at home and we had plenty of times sharing dinner or drinks and going to a bar together.
On Saturday we caught a rideshare to Enschede and then took the train from there to Amsterdam. The weather here is as bad as over in Germany, it's been pouring down without a break ever since we arrived. We've got nice company and plenty to do though.
I'm uploading a picture and a little comment on facebook almost every day, so if you're not on there you can click the button on the right and get updated about our daily highlights.

three li'l princesses

leaving the mark

Charles, Johann and Teddy

hawaii feeling

taming the green fairy

Tomorrow there will be a great ***Monday Friend*** post again - and a little surprise for you! :o)
See you tomorrow!
Many greetings from Amsterdam!


Cindy said...

Ahh love this, Yaga. :) those bears you're posing with are so sweet! I'm also in love with your sunglasses! Glad you had a good time in Berlin!! :D

Lisa said...

looks like you having a blast.. soo jealous over here!

Leah said...

Lovely pictures. Looks like you're having a great time.

Cassandra Allen said...

that a great smiley photo of you at the top, could be a good profile pic one day?
PS hello! Catching up on your blog now.

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