Friday, July 1, 2011

My creative space and other wonderful things

Hello everybody, and welcome to a wonderful July!
How are you guys doing? I'm fine, actually, I'm really, really well. Out of several reasons, but hold the horses, first things first:

My creative space this week was about finishing the pictures for my first book project. The artwork is now all done and will go to the writer this weekend, who will put in the text and then take care of the publishing. Awh, I must say I'm really curious what will come out of this... I'll keep you updated. I have a feeling it may take some time, though.

pic with a really strange light due to copyrights and such ^^

So that's that and I've jumped head over heels into the next project which is also a little story I'm illustrating for a dear friend. It's less pages than the cars, but much more detail work, so I'm actually working harder here. But also learning a lot!

Thanks so much for your comments asking for 'my creative space'. I hadn't forgotten, the announcement for the blog hop just moved everything a bit. I hope you're still happy to have it - better late than never. And these comments totally made my day, I didn't think that people were so interested in my works in progress. Check out more of them in the link list at 'Our creative spaces', it's really cool!

Another work in progress is this blog. Yes, the pages are coming back, I promise I'm working on it, I'm just not decided on the design and place to put them yet. Once I hit awesomeness, I'll be putting them right out here and give you a shout out on facebook. Make sure to like my page so you don't miss it! ;o)

And finally, here's a list of things that make me so happy and excited these days:

- It's getting real now: Trev has a tentative date (yet to be confirmed but hey!) for his defense in September. We are both really excited for him to finish this.

- This means we are thinking about where to go next. He wants to take some time off before a post doc and I get to choose where we stay for that time because I'll have to get work there. If you catch me studying maps and browsing volunteer websites these days, you'll know why! ;o)

- For post docs right now he's applying for a job in Texas which sounds like the perfect match for him. I get really excited thinking about maybe moving overseas for a while!

- Moving down on the timescale, I'm planning on traveling for the two last weeks of July with my beautiful friend Tali. I will tell you more once we settled our plans a bit, but we are both really looking forward to the time.

- My family might come and visit this Sunday and of course I'm looking forward to showing off my new home (I know I've done enough of that on the blog, so now I need real people to hassle ^^), but also to the fact that they will bring the sewing machine (I'm not allowed to call it 'mine' since my sisters claim it too from time to time...)

- This is really important because this morning, the postie brought a big fat package full with adooorable fabric - a birthday present from Martin and Sabrina. I'm sooo excited to start sewing from scratch with 'real' fabric (I normally alter clothes or use thrifted sheets and such as sewing materials). I'll keep you updated.

That's enough reasons to be happy, isn't it?
No, wait, there's one more: Maxabella at 'maxabella loves' is having the giveaway of the century celebrating 1000 followers of her blog. As much as I hate having rivals in this competition: You should check it out, it's absolutely awesome!

That's it for now from me :o) Have a great afternoon, the weekend's not far anymore!

Thanks for reading!


Maxabella said...

Thanks Yaga! And surely we are not rivals, we are friends! x

Lisa said...

The pictures look great, cant wait to see th finished product! many blessings!


Rebecca said...

Sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for! So glad that things are going well and look forward to seeing new works in progress!

Polly said...

looks great :)

I would love to be part of your blog hop - could you resend me the email as I can't find it! Sorry :)

Polly said...

looks great :)

I would love to be part of your blog hop - could you resend me the email as I can't find it! Sorry :)

yaga said...

hehe, maxi, you must understand that all of us really really want to win that party outfit... so a little friendly elbowing is to be expected. not with you of course, you are our friend because you are celebrating so awesomely! ;o)
polly, I'll resend it, sure!

Cindy said...

So many fantastic reasons to be happy! That'd be great if Trev got the job in Texas, and family coming in is always a good thing. :)

and I didn't even know about our creative spaces! I like it! I hope you have a good weekend and your project for your friend goes well! We'd all love to see the end result! And progress too if your allowed xD

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