Saturday, July 16, 2011

Let me show you the waterfall!

Three days ago it rained as if some ill meaning God wanted to fill the whole valley up with water. I was lying in my bed watchin TV, trying to ignore the pain in my bladder, feeling the house shake from the thunder, the lightning reflecting on the laptop screen.
Later in the afternoon, Felix came up to have a look out of the window and then said he'd go down into the garage and start the boat. We were all curious and so we put on our wellies and went up to the waterfall.

The waterfall is pretty impressive on beautiful days. It's a little above the village, falling down over two steps in the mountain sides. The cliffs are overgrown with moss and long grass and if you squint and concentrate on the green you can just about make yourself believe you're in a rainforest.
There used to be a mill using the strenght of the river, but the old canal has been closed up and the river merely serves the village people for cold (icy cold!) baths on hot days.

Well, these few hours of rain had changed the river's friendly face quite drastically.

Standing on the bridge you could hear the big stones moving in the water, clacking against each other and making a really odd sound that made you feel like you were under water.


It kept raining hard but we still snapped a few pics at the foot of the fall. There's always a draft there, but this day it was like a small storm all by itself, caused by the sheer force of the water falling from the heights.

It doesn't need much for nature to turn its nasty face on us...
The river's bed is deep and we were far from being flooded this time, but it happened only a few years ago and it's not pretty!
This time, luckily, it was only impressive, a little bit creepy, and very, very beautiful! :o)

Have you ever been really scared by nature?

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Lisa said...

sooo pretty!

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