Saturday, July 2, 2011

Grateful for: Support

Ever since I met my boy there have been difficult times to get through.
Not between him and me, mind you, but for each of us individually. A few months after we started dating I quit my job and went traveling. It freaked me out but was only the start of a big quest for goals and purpose in my life. He was always there, understanding and supportive. I really don't know where I would be now without him.

He's been working so hard for a long time trying to finish his Phd and it really starts to wear him out. Sometimes he forgets to eat, sometimes he forgets that there is a world outside and that he needs some sunshine. And sometimes he even forgets that there are other people... and I sometimes ask myself how it would be if he'd still live on his own... maybe he just wouldn't leave the house for days!

You be the sun
I'll be the moon
- just let your light
come shining through;
and when night comes,
just like the moon
I'll shine the light
right back to you.

So this week I'm grateful for mutual support - for my own and my beloved's sanity! :o)

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Anonymous said...

It sounds that you complement each other perfectly!

Cindy said...

I agree with muminsearch. I'm glad you two have each other to keep one another grounded and supported. : )

Good luck to him trying to finish his degree!

jody said...

That is very sweet. So nice to have such a supportive relationship! Hope you have a lovely weekend! :)

Malea said...

Very sweet, i'm sure he is grateful for your support too! Thanks for stopping by my blog. x

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