Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shopping lists

Here's something I made just because I thought it was really funny. When I ask people here what I should bring when we go shopping, this is what I end up with:

Hehe, such is life here: Full of tractors, chainsaws and flies! :o)

I thought since I'm on the topic I'd share a little personal shopping list - or more a wishlist, since I'm not gonna be able to afford any of these things anytime soon. But they are prettyyyy, so here we go:

1. Tiger Lily Moccasin in Teal from Darlingtonia

I so dig these moccasins, the color, the flowers, the shape... they are awesome!!

2. New TOM's

Blegh, the red TOM's that I bought in London just never stretched as much as I thought and are still too tight to be really comfy... I would so love to get a new pair, but they are just not affordable here in Switzerland.

3. Fairy dress

That one goes without explanation... I'm wearing my golden tutu today, but a fairy dress would just be even better!

4. Rapunzel dreads - just like this awesome lady!

My dreads are growing out and I'll take them away as soon as I have time. I'm already thinking about my next batch though... there's so many possibilities! Well, I had enough money for some hairdye so I'm settled for a little bit longer. ;o)

Tomorrow I'll post another roundup of this week's Ralph Waldo Emerson Pledge. From what I've seen so far, it will be all about intuition, courage and being in charge. How exciting!


Elisa said...

Yaga dear, would you mind giving me your body measurements (hip/butt aka strongest place, waist, bust, Shoulder circumferrence) please?

Oh, and the snail mail adress in Glarus as well.

Thank you so much and soon you'll know why

Cindy said...

Ah I love Katie's moccasins! And TOMS too. :) good picks, Yaga!

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