Thursday, May 19, 2011

Watcha wearin' Wednesday?

I've been wanting WWW back for some time now and I thought since I'm re-establishing all the regulars, now is the time. I just like taking pictures of some outfits that are special to me. I might also include some hairdos, just to remind myself to vary. It's so easy to stick with what's comfy and quick, but now that my hair is so long I've got so many possibilities.
Note: I'm not always showing pictures of what I actually wore that Wednesday, but it is always something that I wore as a daily outfit, nothing I wouldn't go out on the street with (well, there's not much I wouldn't go out on the street with if it's fun... ^^).

Hey, maybe some of you people want to join in? I remember this used to be a feature on a few blogs I read, but it seems to have gone to sleep somehow, which is sad. There are so many bloggers with an awesome style out there, and I'm not only talking about style blogs (which this one certainly isn't). So if you feel like showing an outfit you loved from this week, or maybe some detail like an accessoire or even make up, I'm sure it would be really inspiring!

This is what I wore today: A really simple chemise-dress, some stockings and my houseshoes. Wednesday is laundry-and-cleaning-and-errands-day, so I needed something practical that won't show stains so much.

Oh, remember last week's Blogger fiasko when a post dissapeared? It actually showed up again today. The comments are gone for good though, I'm afraid. 
Many many thanks to Elisa who so kindly recovered the text for me in the first place!


Elisa said...

you're welcome!

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