Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let's have an adventure!

Wow, today has been such a productive day! I could fit almost everything in that I planned on doing, and it was a lot.
But there's one thing I'm really excited about that I made today. Remember that we watched "Up!" on Sunday? Well, that movie just really inspired me. I even thought it was more impressive than the first time I saw it. I instantly decided that I needed an adventure book of my own. And since tomorrow's my birthday, I thought it would be a good time to start a special book and aim at filling it with lots of exciting things until next year.
I found the perfect book at the brocki today: 

Just an old, ugly photo album with a plastic cover. But I liked the format, the way it is bound together with a piece of string, and the black pages.

I cut out all the seethrough pages that you get in photo albums and ripped off the covering paper on the front and the back.

Then I wrapped it in some cute fabric, glued new paper on the insides and made a label. I must admit that I got a bit carried away. It always happens when trinkets and a glue gun are involved...
This is the book from the movie:

And that's mine:

Do you think it's too girly for an adventure book? I seem to end up with girly stuff a lot these days. I've never been the girly type. Hey, I can hear you laugh over there!

I can't wait to start filling it! I added "Trucs à faire" to the first page, because Ellie has it in her book, too. Somehow the writing in the movie version that we had was in French, so that stuck with me.

On the fabric is a little quote saying: "Life is too short to be comfortable!"
I added a little drawing of a girl ready for adventures, and another quote:

"What you see depends on what you are looking for!"

I found all of Russel's scout badges for downloading (oh, fantabulous interweb!) and I wanna print them and add them to my stories.
Wow, I can't WAIT!

Also can't wait for tomorrow, I'm getting a birthday piercing and we're going to have a lovely little picnick in the park in the evening.
I hope you will all have a great Wednesday full of little adventures!



I wanna have one... :D

Elisa said...

how much fun!!

I am also one who pimps such kind of books.

Which reminds me that I wanted to scan something for you...

yaga said...

They are really easy to make. Or look on Etsy, there's at least one shop selling 'Up!'-inspired things. SO cool! Elisa: Curious to see what it is!

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