Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grateful for: THIS tutorial!

Apart from the fact that Danny really did a great job in this video tutorial about showing all the steps in a very clear and yet concise way and that I ADORE his drawings: This tute was just something that really sparked in me. Do you know that feeling when something comes just at the right time? I've been crafting things off my to-do list for a while and whilst it is very satisfactory, it just misses the sort of childlike go-with-the-flow spontaneity that I really like about crafting. This post really brought that back to me. I saw it and just went: "Yes, I want to make this RIGHT NOW!"

Mini-book from danny brito on Vimeo.

We made one of these during my studies once, they called it little book companion and it was for writing essential things down during a seminar. That was such a cute and useful idea. And it reminds me of happy times. :o)

Happy weekend to you! What are you grateful for?
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Maxabella said...

You're right, it's a great tutorial. Danny is really sweet, isn't he?

Don't you just love how the internet shows us how to do just about anything! I am constantly amazed at how generous people are with sharing their skills. It's a treasure trove.

Welcome to the grateful linky, Yaga. I'm ever so grateful you're here and that you shared that tute! x

yaga said...

You're so right, he's very sweet. And yes, I am tempted to make a grateful-post about the internet every week!!! ;o)

Being Me said...

Oooh this is really cool, I am going to do it. Thank you! And lovely to see you pass by my blog.

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