Friday, April 1, 2011

Yesterday we went to see The Two Towers in Luzern.
But it wasn't a normal cinema night. They perfomed life music for the whole SSE. We only paid 10 Sfr. because a friend who sings in the choir had reserved tickets for us.

Here we are, happy like birds with a french fry:

The big hall was very beautiful and impressive:

Like a spaceship, no?

Here's Dan (well, it was quite far away! ;o)):

And here's me afterwards: Happy but very exhausted.

The second is my favourite part of LoTR, but I really wasn't prepared for the amount of emotion this story still holds for me. Well, it has been my world almost through all of my teenage years. I feel like I've taken this journey countless times, lived all the emotions, seen all the landscapes...
So I had to cry a bit here and there and whisper all the lines I knew, but I pulled up my scarf and I think nobody noticed. ;o)

Thank you so much Dan for making this possible, it was awesome!!


A Lost Feather said...

that looks like such a fun night out! and such a unique outing really.. i love unexpected events!

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