Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Purple polka dot dress

Here are some more pictures of the dress I  bought on Saturday. After much walking around I finally found some nice shoes to go with it, too.
We've had a lot of sun here in the past two days, so we went out into the garden to snap some pictures of it. Forgive my clumsy posing, I'm not so much the model type, but I think you can get an idea of what it looks like. ;o)
I've invested in a petticoat to go with it, too, because it just looks so much better. And it feels awesome, as if the dress was weightless and floating in mid air around you.



Dayna Hutchieson said...

I have a picture of me in a dress very similar to this when I was about five. I remember the day because I loved the dress. I was very much a tom boy and never normally liked dresses.

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