Thursday, April 14, 2011


Here we are then, in the big town.

The flight was ok and I was very happy and excited to get away. It's been exactly two years since I was here last time, very shortly after Trev and I met. I am very looking forward to explore the city a bit more.

So far, Trev's taken me for a walk through the local park close to where his mother lives, and to the old pub.
The park is full of different and interesting trees. I photographed this one for you because the fruits against the sky remembered me of bubbles flying through the air.

It was a bit sad leaving sunny Zurich behind though, because here in Britain it seems to be grey all the time - at least when I am here...
We spent the last few days at my parent's place and enjoyed the great weather turning the balcony into our sleeping room.

In other good news, we got to an agreement with Kim, a lovely friend of ours, that she would take our flat for the summer. It seems to be a great solution for all of us and I'm so happy it happened so quickly and easily.
Then Trev got his work sorted out so that he can now very much work from everywhere with his own computer, which means that we get to be really independent, and boy, are we planning on enjoying it!

And if you are not smiling about all this now, how about you look at this picture I took of Frau Büsi?

She's doing that all the time, it is really riddiculous and I think if any other cat would see her, they would take her cat-license away for this sillyness!

I'll try and catch up on your comments, emails, and on blogs in the next few days! Oh, and I know I haven't posted any 365 in weeks. It's on my list! Have a great one!


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