Friday, April 8, 2011

How the hell did I write this post yesterday?

I must have been half asleep already when I posted yesterday evening. Not only did I forget half of the pictures I wanted to show you, but I also have no real memory on what I wrote there... oO

So here's the second half of the impressions that I captured in Freiburg ;o)

Freiburg is very clearly a university city, with lots of cultural events, nice sidewalk caf├ęs and a vivid nightlife. Especially with the fabulous weather that we had yesterday, it felt like summer holidays strolling through the pretty alleyways of the old town and browsing all the little shops.



After a very successful day in the library (I finished writing my paper, yay!), we allowed ourself that hour of touristy delights and then met Sabrina for dinner. It felt very fitting that we decided for Flammkuchen which is so typical for the region.

Now today I'm trying to do the final formatting so I can print the paper and send it off on the weekend. I hope to head into downtown Basel for some drawing and suncatching in the afternoon.
I feel a bit ashamed for it because I know Trev is very stressed and a bit worried about his Phd, but I am really enjoying being on the move. I will set up an ad for subletting our flat these days and I am already planning and looking forward to downsizing my possessions to make the move easier. I just know it will feel so good. I'll try to pack as little stuff as possible for England next week and then keep it that way later. Trev is still sorting out some stuff with ETH today, but if it works out then we would have a great solution for the summer months. I will keep you posted.


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