Thursday, March 17, 2011

Time for candles

Initially I intended not to lose too many words or even a post about the desaster in Japan and everything else that's going on in the world right now (the press has its back turned on anything else than the Fukushima power plant these days it seems, but all over Arabia there's unrest and it seems like Mr. Gaddhafi is getting away with another slaughtering...).
It's sweet that the topic is all over the blogs and facebook and everybody is expressing their shock and sadness. It just feels unreal to me. After all, the internet is words, not feelings or deeds. 
But as I, too am devastated by the news every day, and I can't brush it off and it feels so strange to blog about mundane things while such things are happening. But then, bad things are always happening in the world... 
You see, I'm very divided there, and since my blog intends to be a little insight in my life, this strange post pictures it pretty well, as it is. 

No more words then. But in my window, there will be a candle burning tonight. 


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