Friday, March 4, 2011

"Grateful for" - in pictures

I'm in a bit of a funny mood concerning blogging these days. I have lots of things I'd like to write about on my mind - thoughts, but also some projects that are going on here and that I'd like to show you. But when I sit down it just seems like my text-compiling-braincells have gone on strike.

Well, until they're back I'll keep it short and sweet and add pictures.

This week I'm grateful for:

The first flowers of spring!

Fairy gifts. (That's what we used to call pretty finds that we brought back from walks)

Wonderfully colored food to lift your mood!

Freaky ideas. The guitar always slipped on the floor. What's good against slipping? Anti-slip-socks of course.

Homemade stuff. Trev makes the best hummus ever. Homemade red pesto from the market on the right. I dabbled in making pasta which is actually not a big deal, and then I also found out it is really easy to make great bread in a very mundane frying pan! (Recipe coming up!)

A warm working place in the sun, overlooking the square in front of the house, with the forest in the background. Aaah! :o)

Oh and I'm grateful for my bicycle which I started using regularly again this week since my ticket ran out and I needed a kick in the ass to get some exercise.

Wanna know what other people are happy about? Klick the button!

What makes you smile?


Alice Becomes said...

i love your use of the no slip sock - you clever cookie!

And i may be borrowing your "fairy gifts" term..this is fantastic

Gill xo

Maxabella said...

It's so lovely to see a new face this week - welcome!!

Love all your gratefuls... especially your first Spring flowers. As we dive into Autumn, I will be so happy to be able to follow the Spring with my northern friends. x

Anonymous said...

Ah those pesky text compiling brain cells. I have problems with them too. Yay for Spring! I'm excited to be welcoming Autumn over here and hopefully a cool change. It has been insanely hot for so long. Thank you for the gorgeous pics x

sim at Kookaburra Laugh said...

Homemade hummus, it's the best. Pan fried bread sounds interesting. And I know that joy to the soul that occurs at the first sightings of the European spring.

yaga said...

Haha, it's so strange to imagine that you guys are saying goodbye to summer at the moment... how wonderful the world is!
I ate the rest of the hummus today, yumm! And I can think a bit clearer now, I suspect the braincells go on holiday if there is not enough space for them in my head because there's too much going on. ;o)
thanks for all your nice comments, that's thrilling!

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